Create Virality. Expand Your Reach. Maximize Lead Generation.

We assign your account(s)to a Digital Marketing Specialist  whose sole purpose is to focus on generating you more leads.


One component of bizCESS online marketing services is to provide social media marketing (SMM) for your business.

The benefits of using SMM is to bring awareness to your brand and increase your website traffic. Brand awareness and web traffic will both bring you in more qualified leads overtime.  

Additionally, you will have a huge organic fan base of prospects for whom you are targeting and strategically this will serve as a huge asset to your business.

Additional benefits of SMM include:  influenced Google rankings, blog promotions, reputation management, and customer service to current and potential customers.

​In the online business world today, having a strong social media presence is just as important, or even more important, as advertising using traditional methods such as radio, billboards, mail, and the equivalencies.

With bizCESS, you will never have to worry about updating or growing your own social media accounts.   We will provide: (1) daily management post on your account(s), (2) organic followers, (3) interactive engagement, and (4) create relevant content constantly.

Moreover, your designated account manager will work closely with  you so you will be educated on the growth of your account(s). This real time effectiveness provides consistent customer service and transparency.



When your customers stay engaged, they know where to go when they’re ready to buy.

Your experienced Digital Social Media Manager will craft content that is optimized to perform on whichever platforms work best for your business. By moderating social media conversations, publishing comments, and monitoring questions across all relevant social media networks we are able to ensure your business stays engaged with your target audience. 


Quality leads makes the difference between receiving a phone or waiting patiently!

Would you rather have quantity over quality?  With quality followers you can ensure that you wil be the first contact on their list when a need for your service arise.   Also, you can ensure that they are referring you out to friends and family.

With tons of followers without any relevance to you business you can ensure that you're receiving generic responses and that your phone will never ring for someone seeking your service.

We use targeted marketing techniques to get you in front of the right customres.  That way when a need arise.  You will be the first point of contact.


Reflect your brand's personality through effective social media engagement

As social media usage increases at a staggering rate, it is crucial for brands to engage with customers on their preferred platforms, creating brand advocates and shaping customer sentiment. Social media engagement is about allowing customers to embrace a participative role in your brand story, marketing with them rather than at them.  We engage your audience through: (1) social media activation, (2) social media campaigns, (3) social media marketing, (4) social content, (5) social benchmarking, (6) social advertising.


Showing that you can do more than just spam is the greatest way to show appreciation to you followers

Most of the time a tweet/post or a photo is not enough. And to be receiving the best possible results  with your social media marketing, your content needs to be optimized for each social network you want to use.

If you don not have engaging content to build your social following people will: (1) not follow you anymore, (2) people will not help you buid your brand by sharing post, (3) you following will not grow, (4) your results will not be what you hoped for.

At bizCESS we create engaging/meaningful content for your business on a regular basis.